Ariana Kolins
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How do individuals enter communities? How do they leave them? Do past experiences dictate how we relate to others, to bring others up or tear them down? I am intrigued by these questions and am especially interested in how do we as individuals hold and support each other in times of joy and in times of hardship.

For me my forms of clay are as individuals, interacting with themselves, each other and the greater whole- the community. Sometimes it is important to see their inner workings, and forms within forms are conveyed; other times it is less important, and the imagery is stripped to its minimal structure. This work shows individuals supporting and holding each other, or how those who are seemingly different can interact and create a relationship. Other times, it shows what happens when the support that once was there is crumbling or absent. Certain relationships hold people close and touch us intimately; others are distant and support from afar; others, not at all. All have an impact on the story of who we are.

Themes of movement, instability, and balance affect the orientation of the work, creating tension. The world is in full motion, in a state of flux. It’s always a balancing act, and we seek support for stability in a potentially unstable world.

Touch is paramount for my artistic expression. The care that goes into pinching clay--a slow, simple, process-oriented technique, one that is rudimentary and yet sophisticated, is similar to the care of building and maintaining relationships. The irregularity and personality that each mark creates, brings attention to how each person is similar and different. The simplicity of my compositions gives the observer the opportunity to take notice of the small details: the space between slabs of pinched clay, or what happens when multiple balls are pushed against each other.

Word association artist statment.

Connection. Process. Community. Holding. Love. Security. Relationships. Circles of Trust. Acquaintances. Trust. Pinching. Quiet. The space between. Holding on/letting go. Movement. Balance. Elegance. Stories. Stacking. Holding. Security. Intimacy. Reflection. Contrast. Time. Earth.