2014-2016 > Moments of Transition: A collection of Images Taken over 763 minutes

I am intrigued by the process of collecting, observing, and documenting. Each object on its own cannot tell a complete story, but it can tell more complete story with other objects in relation to it. The process of creating a story through multiples become greater than individual pieces or events.

I observed the collection practices of the Museum of Natural History which influenced a photographic interpretation for collecting that tells my own story. With my lens focused on a specific location for a full day in September, I documented every person who walked by my studio window from sunrise to sunset. This action would be nothing if there was only one image, but through this collection I am hoping to bring attention to how individuals are negotiating the space in-between a space primarily that exists as a transition point from one destination to another, in particular, spaces that are comfortable to them and well-traveled. Narrowing my point of observation to one specific location on one specific day. I am able to bring up questions on the practices of our daily life. How does that time of day affect what we are carrying? What does the ebb and flow of the day look like? Do they notice the person taking images of them, a person hidden in plain sight? How present are people with each other and their surroundings?